Hoya Carnosa 'Krinkle 8'

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Hoya carnosa 'Krinkle 8' is a goregous cultivar of the classic Wax Plant.

Their thick, waxy leaves are rippled and folded slightly inward, appearing to be a cross between the classic carnosa and the ever famous 'Hindu Rope'.
As they grow the vines can cascade down or grow up a trellis. The flowers form a stunning cluster with red centers and pink blossoms and a sweet scent.

Place it where it will receive medium to bright indirect light, and allow to dry moderately between waterings.

Similar to the average Hoya the Krinkle 8 prefer bright indirect light and to dry out between waterings.

These specimens are growing in 6" hanging baskets. Your plant will be similar in shape and size to the one photographed.